Olive Branch was launched in the summer of 2011. Olive Branch founder Maria Koinaki is from Crete. Maria had been living in the UK for some years and her mother would send us big parcels of her father’s olive oil after the harvest. Our friends kept commenting on our olive oil and many even asked where they could buy some. This inspired us to turn Maria’s father’s olive oil into a brand and Olive Branch was born.

Our aim is to for people in Britain to enjoy the fresh flavours and beautiful ingredients that Greece has to offer. With Olive Branch, we have searched Greece to find the best quality ingredients to combine with our own olive oil as we create our product recipes such as our double award-winning Sweet Olive, Fig & Almond relish.

Our Chunky Olive Tapenade was in development for 2 years as we strived to create the perfect recipes. We sold early versions at Brockley Market and developed these into the final versions you see today!

“Kali orexi” (Καλή όρεξη)